Ride Groups

Espresso /
Double Espresso









Cafe Late






1 or 2 cafe stops

Easy ride around the area

Depending on numbers we normally offer at least five riding groups to suit all aspirations and abilities. Our guides are fully equipped to manage your rides and will have routes ready to go and café stops planned.

From our locations in Alcudia we have direct access to either flat terrain to the centre of the island or challenging mountains to the north-west. We tend to have “Mountain” days or “Flat” days. The distances and average speeds quoted for our ride groups are based on flat days.

We will provide you with sports nutrition and drink to get you through your week, in addition to this, at your cycling hub there will be bananas, fruit and snacks laid out for you to which you can help yourself. These should enable you to fully fuel your riding for the week.

As always, our clients need to be slightly self-sufficient, in terms of carrying spare tubes, tools specific to your bike if non-standard, cash for lunch, and insurance and ID details.

We will provide you with a wallet to enable you to safely carry the latter two and your mobile phone

We have 5 levels of groups, depending on demand as follows (average speeds are for flat rides):

Espresso/Double Espresso

These groups are for fit and fast racing, sportive and Tri riders who want to test their fitness on rides which range from 120 to 180kms in length. Speed is normally around or above 30 km/h on anything other than a full mountain day. Given their length riders in these groups will cover all but the far western extremities of the island over the course of a week’s stay. Mountain rides are a staple diet of this group, although we ensure that a balance of rides over the week means you’ll see all the island has to offer and not burn ‘too many matches’ too soon!

Americano Group

This group is for strong riders looking for a challenging ride, but perhaps at a slightly steadier pace than in our Espresso groups. Covering similar high distances as our lead groups, but at a slightly steadier average of 26-28 km/h, this will still be a meaningful day in the saddle for the more serious rider.

Cappuccino Group

This group is for good club riders looking for a fairly challenging but enjoyable day out on the bike. 100 to 130 kms at an average of approximately 25 kph. Mountains are climbed at your own pace with a lot of encouragement and reward. A guide will always follow the last rider to the top to ensure we all arrive safely.

Café Latte Group

This group rides a similar distance to our Cappuccino riders but at an easier average pace of 22/23 kph and usually there is the option to avoid the big climbs up to or over the mountain.

Affogato Group

An easy ride around the local area of up to 40 to 60 kms with one or two café stops. 15 to 18 kph average.

Women Only Groups

If there is demand, we will offer or organise Women Only rides led by one of our guides.