Frequently Asked Questions

We pride ourselves on giving our clients a total experience when they travel with us, and to that end there are certain things we don’t do... we don’t just take the easy route and simply deliver our clients to the same old ‘honeypots’ that feature in every cycling magazine, and we don’t just follow the same routes, week in, week out!

What we DO strive to do is to give our clients a total experience by constantly revising our routes, villages,climbs and cafe stops, we DO make sure when cycling our clients get to ride on different and exciting routes, using all our guides vast knowledge of the Islands roads and routes. For those looking for multi-sport training we aim to provide the very finest facilities and support. We DO strive to make sure our client’s needs and expectations are met, and in terms of training we don’t only aim for them to return from their break a faster, fitter, or stronger athlete, we aim for them to return as a MORE COMPLETE athlete! We DO also understand that our clients are having a well-earned break from their daily lives, so we offer a social programme to enable them to not just remember the riding when they return home. We have a network of local bars, restaurants and cafes who always offer a warm welcome to our clients. For our clients who like to head out in the evening we even slot in a bit of down time to take in some of the local culture, such as live music and cultural events.

We’ll give you a trip to remember, just let us show you how!

If you are booking one of our organised holidays or camps then the price includes: Half board accommodation (breakfast and evening meal) at either the 4* Zafiro Tropic or 5* Zafiro Palace hotels in Alcudia; free wifi; guided rides; free goody bag containing a Ciclos Major cycling jersey, cycling shorts and socks, two bike bottles, cycling food, bars and gels and a wallet.

Bespoke camps and camps organised for specific groups are subject to agreement with the group organiser.

In the Zafiro Tropic each room has: a kitchenette with a microwave, kettle, hob and fridge. There is a separate bathroom with shower, basin and hairdryer. There is a storage area on the ground floor where you must store your bike. The hotel will provide you with a padlock to lock your bike to the rack. Within the hotel complex there are pay to use washing machines and dryers. The hotel has a small supermarket, a heated 25m pool, a small indoor pool and offers a massage service.

In the Zafiro Palace each suite room has a microwave, kettle, coffee machine and a mini bar. There is a bathroom with shower, bath, basin and hairdryer. We have our own dedicated storage area underneath the hotel where you must store your bike. Within the hotel complex there are pay to use washing machines and dryers. The hotel has numerous pools included a heated 26.1m pool, a gym suite and offers a massage service.

Both hotels offer a high degree of luxury as you would expect with spacious, relaxing bar areas with drink, food and snacks available throughout the day.

Evening entertainment is sporadic early in the season, becoming more frequent as the season progresses. The staff across the Zafiro Group are both welcoming and helpful.

The Mallorcan Government has imposed a tourist tax on all visitors to the island, payable directly to the hotel. This will be added to your bill (as will drinks and other purchases at the hotel) and must be settled on departure.

You can come for any length of time and arrive and depart on any day of the week. Please bear in mind that shared transfers are only available on Saturdays and so transfers are likely to be more expensive on other days. We generally have a short easy ride on Wednesdays and there are no organised rides on Saturdays.

Of course, they can. There are several partners, parents, children and even grandchildren that come to our holidays. There is plenty for them to do in Alcudia and further afield: visiting local markets, day excursions; the beach; the spa or they may decide to relax by the pool.

We offer non cyclists a discount of £130 as they will not receive the goody bag (except for the wallet).

Medical/Travel insurance is essential with a good level of cover and is one of the conditions of coming on these holidays. You should also obtain a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) if you are a UK or EU. The EHIC can be applied for online and takes 7-10 days to arrive after application.

There are numerous insurance companies who provide cover that includes a variety of sports and activities.

We recommend that you take out cover to at least the minimum levels below:

  • Cancellation or curtailment – £3000
  • Medical emergency, repatriation and associated expenses – £2 million
  • Personal accident – £15,000
  • Missed departure – £500 (Europe) £1000 (outside Europe)
  • Departure delay – £60 (abandonment – £3000)
  • Baggage and personal effects – £2000
  • Personal money – £500
  • Personal liability (third party cover) – £2 million
  • Legal expenses – £25,000

Yes, we arrange airport transfers for those who require them. As normal, shared group transfers are available on Saturdays and are scheduled to meet most flights throughout the day and are included in the cost of the holiday.. Transfers on other days may incur an additional cost subject to demand.

The price of your holiday includes half-board accommodation and breakfast and evening meals are taken in the restaurants at the Zafiro Tropic and Zafiro Palace hotels. Both hotels provide amply for vegetarians, vegans and those with special dietary requirements.

If you have not been with us before and you are not certain we always suggest that on the first day you start in a group one lower from what you think you should be in rather than one higher. There is always the opportunity to change groups at lunch time. Please check with the guides if you are unsure.

If our guides think you are not at the right level for the group, they will suggest you move groups. Please understand that this suggestion will be made both for the benefit of you and the group as a whole.

We have 5 levels of groups, depending on demand as follows (average speeds are for flat rides):


This group is for fit and fast racing, sportive and Tri riders who want to test their fitness over rides which range from 120 to 180kms in length. Speed is normally around or above 30 km/h on anything other than a full mountain day. Given their length riders in this group will cover all but the far western extremities of the island over the course of a week’s stay. Mountain rides are a staple diet of this group, although we ensure that a balance of rides over the week means you’ll see all the island has to offer and not burn ‘too many matches’ too soon!

Americano Group

This group is for strong riders looking for a challenging ride, but perhaps at a slightly steadier pace than in our Espresso groups. Covering similar high distances as our lead groups, but at a slightly steadier average of 26-28 km/h, this will still be a meaningful day in the saddle for the more serious rider.

Cappuccino Group

This group is for good club riders looking for a fairly challenging but enjoyable day out on the bike. 100 to 130 kms at an average of approximately 25 kph. Mountains are climbed at your own pace with a lot of encouragement and reward. A guide will always follow the last rider to the top to ensure we all arrive safely.

Café Latte Group

This group rides a similar distance to our Cappuccino riders but at an easier average pace of 22/23 kph and usually there is the option to avoid the big climbs up to or over the mountain.

Affogato Group

An easy ride around the local area of up to 40 to 60 kms with one or two café stops. 15 to 18 kph average.

Women Only Groups

If there is demand, we will offer or organise a Women Only rides led by one of our guides.

There will always be one guide and if the size of the group warrants it there will also be an assistant guide. Our groups are never more than twenty riders.

We believe that we offer a range of group levels to meet all needs. We do recommend that you try to achieve some riding before you join us. Then you will benefit more from coming to Mallorca.

We operate a no-drop policy so we will help you or wait for you. If you are struggling in a particular group, you can change down to an easier group (even at lunch time)

On the big climbs we let everybody climb and descend at their own pace then re-group at the top or bottom (often with a cup of coffee). Guides will generally ride at the rear of the group to ensure everyone gets up smoothly and down safely! One of the big benefits of riding with us is that our guides can give you help on both these fronts and many others, passing knowledge day by day on specific topics.

No, it is your holiday and you are free to do as you please. If you wish to have a day free from cycling, you are free to do so.

Only if you are interested in seeing where you have been. Our guides will lead you around the island leaving you to enjoy the scenery that Mallorca has to offer.

Most definitely! Depending on the nature of the ride, the level of group and the weather we may have more than one. For all groups apart from the Affogato group, we generally try to meet in the same village/town/peak so that you can replenish your bidons.

Purchases made at these stops is for the account of individual riders.

We have a support car at one of our hotels and there will be a driver on call to aid with any mechanical or medical assistance, including returning you to your hotel, that cannot be provided by our guides.

All riders need to ride on the basis of being self-sufficient (carry own spares/pump/water/gels etc.)

Guides will contact the support car on your behalf in the event of a mechanical failure/accident or a rider feeling unwell.

It is not necessary though lots do. Please see our bike rental page for further details. Ciclos Major is not a party to any contract that a participant has with a local bike hire company. We do recommend that you take out insurance for the bike that you hire.

We recommend that you bring or hire a road bike. The possibility to hire e-bikes is now available on the island. If you intend to bring you own e-bike please check the conditions of carriage with your carrier,

Your bike will need to be in in good working order, please pay attention to tyres, gears and chain and that these all run smoothly. Cycling shoes and clipless pedals are strongly recommended.

We generally offer longer rides on Sundays, Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. On Wednesdays rather than riding in our groups we offer a recovery ride of no more than 30km at a very slow speed with a café stop. The rides are arranged based on going to a location not on distance or speed and all participants will be able to take part in all groups.

Yes – Generally in the course of a week’s riding we would expect our most enthusiastic clients to have tackled several of the Islands major climbs. Even our steadier groups will visit a selection of the Islands iconic climbs.

Mallorca enjoys a Mediterranean climate, but you should be prepared for the occasional wet day or cooler day and it can be considerably cooler in the mountains, especially when descending in the afternoon. We suggest that you bring arm and leg warmers, gloves, a gilet and rain jacket. You will also require some form of sun cream as the sun can be quite strong even in February or March.

There are washing machines in both hotels and it is also possible to hand wash your kit so we suggest you bring 3 pairs of shorts, 3 jerseys, 3 pairs of cycling socks, 3 undervests, 1 pair of arm and leg warmers, cycling gloves, full gloves and overshoes (just in case), a rain jacket, gilet, helmet, eye protection and sun cream. If you are not renting a bike, then it is important that your bike is in good working order and that you have a pump or Co2 gas gun (we will provide canisters) spare tubes, tyre levers and if you bike has unusual components, spares of those. We will provide you with two bike bottles and enough sports nutrition products to get the average rider through our weeks riding schedule.

We don’t have an organised rota of activities, but most rides end at either the hotel or one of the many bars/cafés in Alcudia. That gives you the opportunity to chat whilst/watch the final kilometres of a cycle race and enjoy a post ride drink.

We will have a small selection of Ciclos Major kit and matching accessories available to buy when you are with us. Of course if you want extra kit or accessories it’s far better to pre-order using the feature on your booking form or via our website to avoid disappointment. Whilst we will be supplying you with cycling nutrition and food for your day to day riding, if you are a complete gel and energy food addict and want more we will have extras available to purchase throughout your stay with us.